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Fun game, like others have said, sound would be great, but still enjoyable, good job!


Thanks for your feedback! I wish I had started earlier. There were a couple of features I wanted to bring in, but yeah, time is a bit** :D


Starts at 69$ hmmmm lol

I saw an opportunity and I took it! 


Nice game. I am the employee of the month with 80$😊.

A few improvement ideas:

Maby  you could add different Characters (maby different shirt color or skin color). Another improvement idea is that you could make the "Customers' Order Images" a bit more pixelated. One little bug i have found: When you hover over the ? The description of the green button is behind the employee of the month sign. 

But all over all it is a very relaxing game. 😉

Thank you very much for your feedback! 80$ is a pretty good score! There were a lot of things I wanted to build into that game, but there was not enough time, but I am glad that you enjoyed it! :)


I like it, it could use some music or sound effects like Misterm said...


I actually searched for a soundtrack yesterday but then I got caught myself up into some graphical improvements and ended up completly forgetting about music and sound. 

I would love to see if I can build more of a game around my core. I am glad you liked it! :)


The idea is good,  you should try to put some sound effects to give an idea if the customer like your coffee or not.

Oh yes! I would have loved to make this happen. The time wasn’t enough in the end unfortunately ^^